In the fall of 2006, the Church at Jacob’s Well moved from just an idea to a practical reality.  This group of like-minded friends first met together at Concordia High School. After a few short months we transitioned by moving to our second location – the gym at the Youth jw-roundletters-outfor Christ building on Hilegas Rd. For about 3 years we operated as a church ‘out of a box’. Each Sunday we unpacked our 24ft box truck and set up stage, speakers, ran cables, set up soundboard and chairs. Then after morning worship service, we packed everything back up and reloaded it into the truck till the following Sunday. These early days were an exciting time. Ultimately, we were able to transition to keeping our equipment set up week to week in a different building on the Youth for Christ property. During our time at the Youth for Christ location, we were blessed with people and property to host Upward sports (soccer and football). Many children and their families spent hours together through season after season celebrating the unique talents of each child on full display. It was a time of growth for us all in many ways. In 2010, we were given 7 weeks to find a new home after Youth for Christ sold their 11 acre property. Facing homelessness, we found an open store front on North Anthony, a block from where we started at Concordia High School. The year 2010 was also a change in identity for us. We started in 2006 as an independent church but transitioned to denominational affliation in 2010 as we joined the English District of the LCMS. From late 2010 to August 2014 we worshipped together in the storefront. In April of 2014, a unique and miraculous set of circumstances unfolded for us to buy a church property. This is where the next chapter of history is to be lived out.