What we believe starts and ends with JESUS!

We believe: – that the LOVE of JESUS is beyond comparison. We love our mother or father, sister or brother, our wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Yet often, our typical kind of love is filled with conditions. The LOVE of JESUS is UNCONDITIONAL.  He didn’t require us to jump through hoops to be worthy His love. His love is not a reward for doing good things. Jesus loves you and me so much that He was willing to die for us to demonstrate that love! He loved us before we knew that Love existed!

BELIEVE1B- that the COMPASSION of JESUS is worthy of our devotion. When Jesus met people, He saw their heart, not their exterior. The people Jesus spent time with were those who lacked pull, lacked power and lacked importance. While everyone else passed by those burdened, broken, cast out and alone, Jesus befriended, encouraged and loved them as if they were the last person on earth.

- that the WISDOM of JESUS is truth for life. Even with the highest titles and university degrees, how easy is it to be found carelessly embracing destructive paths which lead toward assorted problems and pain. We believe that listening to and applying the teachings of Jesus will lead us to the abundant life that we all desire.

- that the PATIENCE of JESUS is God’s grace demonstrated to us in human flesh. In spite of our own stubbornness, or our full on rebellion against Him, Jesus waits. He patiently waits… for us … to hear, to listen, and to respond to His constant love. He is always there for us. He is always extending His love to us. Even when we blame Him, accuse Him, hate him, reject Him… He waits. He waits for us to give up the fight against Him and finally figure out that He has always been and will always be the One fighting on our side the whole time! We can believe all sorts of different things in life. But what does any of that matter if we miss who Jesus really is?! We believe that ‘getting’ Jesus is the beginning. We believe that ‘getting’ Jesus will lead our future well!